Eyes in the Room: COVID-19 Rapid Response Video Deployment

Learn how virtual observation can help your health system fight against the next wav of COVID-19

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge nationwide, health systems are searching for ways to manage COVID-19 patients in non-traditional / temporary spaces. While some systems are relying on quick-fix solutions, such as baby monitors and video-enabled doorbells to gain visualization into isolation rooms, those types of solutions will not be sustainable or viable in the long-term. These temporary solutions carry a multitude of risks and buyers must beware.

Caregility’s COVID-19 rapid response options contain the tools needed for high-quality, secure video observation in almost every use case. These solutions provide health care systems fast, easy and simple solutions that can be deployed in hours and meets both short- and long-term use case requirements.

In this session, Wendy Deibert & Donna Gudmestad will discuss how virtual observation technology can combat isolation room’s environmental challenges & offer key insights on factors to consider when choosing a solution to support your patients and staff during these difficult times.

Here's what you will learn:
  • Understand today’s real world challenges patients and staff experiencing in COVID-19 isolation rooms
  • Discover how video technology can provide eyes in the room for various use cases and reduce PPE utilization and risk of exposure
  • Explore the key factors a virtual observation solution must include for short- and long-term benefits (legal, security, ROI, install, etc.)

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